Linh Ho AMA: The Future of AI Marketing

Marketing with Less at Startups

Startups, with their limited resources and agile frameworks, allow for risk-taking and experimentation which Linh appreciates, “Smaller companies naturally lend themselves to take risks. And be okay to try new things.” Over years of working with smaller companies, Linh noticed better conversions when the focus was quality rather than quantity. In her words, “Measure, measure, measure, as you're experimenting because you're a small company, you get to adapt quickly, a lot faster than the larger companies.”

The Rise of Generative AI in Personalization and Content Generation

Linh highlighted how Zelros effectively utilizes generative AI for content generation, product recommendations, and user personalization in the insurance industry. Undeniably, AI is not just a tool anymore. It has become a co-pilot in marketing endeavors, paving the way for unprecedented efficiency and creativity.

Thee Evolution of Sales and SDRs in the AI Era

“AI can automate mundane tasks and free up sales teams to focus on higher-quality leads.” This bodes well for an environment where data-driven marketing is becoming the norm. AI is not only saving time but also making data analysis, pattern recognition, and prediction modeling streamlined.

Yet, amidst these automated processes, Linh stresses on the importance of maintaining a human touch wherever necessary. “There is a need for human oversight in tasks that require contextual understanding and ethical considerations. Responsible AI is crucial to avoid biases and unintended harm.”

What the Future of Multi-channel Marketing Looks Like with AI

We are witnessing increasingly personal promotions on various channels, including our mobile phones, video platforms like YouTube, and TV. Linh noted this shift back to traditional media channels and emphasized the importance of contextual relevance. The availability of AI technology can make this task more manageable by crunching large volumes of data.

AI by the Numbers

A study by the Boston Consulting Group showed that companies using AI for sales increased their leads by 50%, reduced call time by 60-70%, and realized cost reductions of 40-60%.


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