An automated marketing playbook

Tofu provides a marketing playbook that automatically ingests and updates information about your company's brand, messaging, personas, target industries and accounts.

Repeatedly use your playbook to scale marketing efforts and generate hyper-personalized marketing campaigns that convert.

A factory to scale your campaigns

With your personalized playbook, the factory will create personalized content across all your campaigns.

Have your team focus on strategic initiatives, and Tofu will do the heavy lifting of scaling your content and increasing conversion.

Content factory taking a single email, landing page, or webinar and producing hundreds of personalized assetsbackground

One tool for every use case.

Don't use separate tools and manual work to generate content across channels. Tofu generates personalized content for your campaigns across all channels and use cases.

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Increase your team's revenue today

Generate more marketing activity with higher converting content for your team with Tofu.