Puja Rios AMA: Campaigns by Industry at Frame.io

In a recent Ask Me Anything (AMA) session hosted by Tofu, we were fortunate to gain some incredible insights from industry leader Puja Rios, the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) of Frame.io. 

The Journey to Success

Puja's journey in corporate America started at Xerox before she transitioned to Career Builder and later moved onto Frame.io, where she significantly contributed to the company's exponential growth. Frame.io's acquisition by Adobe for $1.28 billion in 2021 offers ample testament to the role that focused sales and marketing efforts can have on a company's growth trajectory.

Beyond driving sales and contributing to company growth, Puja has always placed great importance on understanding the nuances of the products she represented. In fact, she candidly shared a key lesson she learned when she dove knee-deep into product understanding to draw a baseline strategic plan, something she credits with being instrumental to her growth as a leader.

Embracing Change with AI

Puja expressed an unwavering excitement about AI's potential to revolutionize various business aspects. Notably, Puja's optimism is founded on the notion of the 'co-pilot' model - where AI works in conjunction with humans to get the best results. She talked about AI's potential application in every part of the customer journey, from lead generation to customer success.

This highlights how she sees potential for software like Tofu to assist sales teams by keeping content relevant and fresh. In today's fast-paced world, stale content can hinder marketing campaign effectiveness, and AI provides a way to keep content up-to-date and applicable to your audience, effectively a 'game changer' in her words.

Importance of Industry-Specific Campaigns

Part of Frame.io’s growth is a testament to their keen understanding of the different needs of varying industry segments. Teams were organized into pods with a specific focus on customer success, marketing, and sales all tied to a specific vertical, driving greater knowledge and alignment.

Puja stressed the need for each team—customer success, sales, and marketing—to be completely aligned on a shared, vertical-focused mission. This approach, she noted, led to extraordinary growth in the past and remains a tenet of her leadership.

AI and the Future

Discussing AI’s potential future impact, Puja stressed that AI will not replace human labor but will rather enhance their capabilities. However, she asserted that AI's role will require businesses to consider essential ethical factors and develop robust policies that promote accountability and transparency in AI's use.

She shared a vision of the future where advances in AI will likely increase the effectiveness and efficiency of sales and marketing process. Meanwhile, hardware and infrastructure will need to advance in parallel to support these AI advancements.


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