Jason Grunberg AMA: Embracing AI in Personalization at Bluecore

Jason Grunberg has built a remarkable career in marketing with over two decades of experience, currently serving as the CMO of Bluecore, a leading retail marketing platform. Tofu got to host him for an AMA, where he discussed the impact of AI and personalization in the marketing landscape today.

Personalization: The Bridge Between Retailers and Consumers

Grunberg strongly emphasized the significance of personalization in retail marketing, arguing that personalization is a critical bridge between the goals of retailers and consumers. Contrary to traditional methods where campaigns are created and then personalization attempts are made, Grunberg encourages a reverse approach. He urges marketers to first consider what makes a brand unique and what should be personalized, and then create campaigns around these foundational elements.

Highlighting real-world success from this strategy, Grunberg recalled a project where 500 retail organizations were examined for their personalization strategies. The highest-performing companies had personalization woven throughout their brand values. Tellingly, the lower-performing companies focused more on offering value for money, an outdated strategy that no longer impresses consumers in today's competitive retail climate.

AI in B2B Marketing: Account Research and Personalization at Scale

Shifting the focus onto AI, Grunberg predicts AI will fundamentally transform B2B marketing, especially in terms of account research and outreach. AI tools can capture and analyze nuances about prospects, enabling marketers to create personalized content at an unprecedented scale.

However, the acceleration of AI's role in the marketing process also brings along the responsibility for teams to become AI-literate. Grunberg emphasized that marketers must understand how AI operates, and adapt their workflows to incorporate these new AI-driven abilities.

While sales teams might be slower in adapting AI into their processes, Grunberg advocates for a necessary shift towards accepting change and fostering more alignment between sales and marketing to maximize the potential of AI.

Breaking Through Resistance to AI

Understanding the potential hesitations about AI adoption among marketers, Grunberg suggests the culture of experimentation along with awareness about the potential gains as key motivators for adoption. He encourages marketers to view AI as a tool for experimentation that furthers their capabilities beyond established workflows.

Grunberg also highlighted the innovative ways AI can enhance marketing, including seamless product integration and personalized content creation. However, he remained cognizant of ethical considerations and stressed the importance of consumer privacy when deploying AI and personalization techniques.


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