Bernd Leger AMA: Navigating Industry Shifts at Cornerstone OnDemand

Bernd Leger, the CMO of Cornerstone OnDemand, shared his rich insights on the evolution of the marketing industry, the innovative use of technologies, and his views on the potential of AI in marketing. 

The Shift in Marketing

Marketing today has much more weight in the entire value chain of businesses. The shift has not only increased the accountability of marketing within organizations but has also presented opportunities for marketers to broaden their horizons and embrace novel tactics.

Bernd further emphasized the challenges marketers face in choosing the right tool from the myriad of solutions. The explosion of Marketing Technology (MarTech) tools is both a blessing and a curse - a double-edged sword that provides endless opportunities but also complicates decision-making.

Where the BDR Belongs

One of the hot button debates in the marketing sphere is the fitting placement of BDR (Business Development Representative) teams in an organizational chart. Should they be a part of the sales or marketing department? Bernd offers an insightful perspective, leaning towards positioning BDR teams under the marketing umbrella. Doing so, he argues, offers more control over the pipeline, fosters better alignment, and permits a more strategic approach to customer engagement.

AI: The Game Changer in Marketing

Bernd doesn’t hesitate to state that AI has been nothing short of revolutionary for the marketing industry. AI promises more strategic personalization and unprecedented levels of efficiency, and will be the next big thing in marketing.

He dubs AI as the key to mastering the art of content creation. AI and Machine Learning models, Bernd projects, are set to take the load off human marketers, automating repetitive tasks so that they can focus on more creative aspects of their role.

Bernd acknowledges that AI's full potential in marketing is still untapped and believes that daring to trust and experiment with AI algorithms could offer businesses a competitive advantage. However, he also pragmatically reminds us that human intervention is irreplaceable in areas that call for empathy and personal human touch.


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