Unleashing the Power of Content Repurposing with AI

What is Content Repurposing?

Repurposing is a strategic approach that allows marketers to breathe new life into existing content by transforming it across different formats to extend its reach and effectiveness. Imagine repurposing a whitepaper on industry trends into a marketing email sequence, a highlight-focused blog post, or even an online course distilling the key learnings.

 In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, scaling content marketing poses a formidable challenge. Marketers grapple with creating high-quality, targeted content, the substantial investment needed for consistent production, and the demands of managing a diverse content strategy across multiple channels.

Repurposing allows marketing teams to maximize the ROI from every piece of content created, offering benefits like enhanced visibility, reinforced messaging, audience diversification, and a boost to SEO. Most critically, it allows for the efficient use of resources, as creating new content from scratch is more resource-intensive.

Real World B2B Success Stories 

Prominent B2B companies like Hubspot and Salesforce exemplify successful repurposing. 

HubSpot, a leading marketing automation platform, releases an annual “State of Inbound Report”. It’s known for its comprehensive insights gathered from thousands of global marketing and sales professionals on latest trends, challenges, and predictions in inbound marketing and sales. 

Hubspot effectively transforms the report into blog posts, infographics, webinars, and social media content, maximizing reach and accessibility.

Similarly, Salesforce repurposes content from its annual user conference, Dreamforce, where they host numerous breakout sessions and workshops. They create on demand videos and courses, highlight blog posts, and highlight reels for social channels, extending the event’s value and reach.

The Impact of Repurposing

According to ReferralRock’s 2023 survey, 94% of marketers repurpose their content today and 6% plan to include it in their marketing strategy in the future. 46% selected repurposing as the best content marketing strategy to deliver results, and 65% see it as the most cost-effective relative to ROI. 

AI: Revolutionizing Content Repurposing

AI tools are transforming every step in the lifecycle of content repurposing, making it easier and more accessible than ever. Here are some of the most popular ways we've seen marketing teams utilize AI tools in their repurposing flow.

  • Content Analysis: AI algorithms, equipped with Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities, can quickly scan through existing content, identify key themes, and suggest the most relevant and engaging pieces to repurpose for a specific target audience.
  • Content Transformation: AI tools can transform content into various formats automatically, allowing marketing teams to focus on strategic aspects like engagement and branding.
  • Audience Targeting: By analyzing data on user preferences, behaviors, and engagement patterns, AI can tailor content to suit different demographics, geographical locations, and even individual user profiles. 
  • Optimizing Reach: AI tools can optimize content for search engines, enhancing online visibility and authority.

Embracing AI for a Competitive Edge

AI’s role in content repurposing is becoming increasingly crucial. Its ability to make repurposing more efficient, targeted, and creative positions it as a key element in future B2B marketing strategies, allowing them to do more with less and focus on more strategic initiatives.


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