Maximizing Event ROI with Generative AI

Events like webinars and trade shows remain an important tool for B2B companies looking to generate leads and build lasting relationships with potential customers. However, there's a ton of work involved in prepping for the event and the real work begins after the event, when companies need to quickly follow up with leads and nurture them into loyal customers. While we're not advising sending a robot to a conference or using AI to run your webinar, generative AI can be a game-changer in create personalized content for event follow-up. On top of that, you need to create content from the event like blog posts, social posts, and more which is time-consuming and often not the most fun type of content work.

The Power of Personalization

Personalization is key to engaging and converting leads and events are points in time where you get to know individual humans. By tailoring your follow-up content to each lead’s specific needs, pain points, and interests based on their persona, account, industry, and behavior, you demonstrate that you value their time and are committed to being a trusted longterm partner. Generative AI tools can make this level of personalization not only possible but also scalable, timely, and repeatable.

Scaling Effective Event Follow-Up

By integrating AI tools like Tofu with your event lead lists, you can automatically generate customized follow-up content for each attendee (or registrant who doesn't attend) across your channels.

Here's how it works:

  1. Upload your lead lists: Simply upload or sync your lead lists from the event to your CRM. This can be lists of attendees and non-attendees from webinars, lead scans from an event, signups from a booth, or attendees of a small dinner. Tofu will pull in your list including information on the contact, their account, and any notes/behavioral information that you include.

  2. AI-powered research: Tofu will then do account and contact research for each lead in your list. Tofu crawls their company websites, the internet, and other sources you provide to, analyze their industries, identify pain points, and surface unique insights and value propositions you should use when speaking with each.

  3. Personalized content generation: Using Tofu Insights paired with your CRM data, Tofu can then create personalized content for each lead. This can include tailored email sequences, targeted landing pages, personalized ads, and more. The content is designed to resonate with each lead's specific needs, challenges, and interest level.

  4. Automated execution: By integrating with your marketing automation platforms, CRM, and CMS, Tofu can automatically execute campaigns through the tools you already use and collect the data on performance to measure the ROI and create a feedback loop so the model gets smarter for the next event.

Repurposing Event Content

Generative AI tools are excellent at taking rich content from events such as a video recording of a session or a great presentation deck and turning that into content like blog posts, social content and more. Tofu can ingest video files, audio files, PDFs, PPTs, analyze the content, and extract key topics and insights. From here tofu can generate rich content like blog posts, social posts, ads, on-demand content landing pages, and other derivate assets. You can remove the burden from your content team while also making sure you're maximizing the reach and impact of each event.

Tailoring Content To Lead Interests

During events, prospects and customers often provide nuggets of information as to their specific interests or challenges. Generative AI tools can use this information to tailor content and "best next step" to these interests or needs. For example, if you have notes that a prospect is interested in a particular use case for your product or service, Tofu can create both a customized email as well as a blog post or brochure that dives deep into that specific topic. By sending this personalized content as a follow-up, you show that you are listening to your lead’s needs and can dramatically streamline the funnel process.

Follow-Up Within 24 Hours 

One of the most critical aspects of event follow-up is timing. Experts suggest that the best time to follow up with your leads is within 24 hours after the event, when you are still fresh in their memory. However, creating highly personalized content for a large number of leads within such a tight timeframe can be challenging. By automating the content creation process, Tofu allows you to generate high-quality, personalized follow-up content at scale, within this 24-hour window (check out how our team recently generated 30 blog posts in 1 day)

Rinse and Repeat

Now that you've created an automated process for your post-event marketing, you can repeat for each event you attend or host making this both scalable and effective. A personalized approach to attendee follow up not only boosts engagement and conversion rates but also differentiates companies from competitors using generic content. By utilizing AI tools for event content, you can take 1 asset and create a content waterfall across channels, maximizing the reach and ROI of you event investment.


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