Top AI Tools for Repurposing Content in 2024

In our first two installments of this series, we discussed the benefits of content repurposing and walked you through a step by step guide for running a repurposing campaign. This piece walks through some of the best AI tools for repurposing across all content channels. Thanks to new AI tools, it’s easier than ever to repurpose content and extend the lifetime of your favorite pieces.

You’ll notice that some tools focus on repurposing for one specific channel (Social Media, Presentations, Video, Audio, etc.) while others are omnichannel and work for any input/output combination you can dream of. All tools we feature here have a free trial period so you can try before you buy.

1. Social Media Posts


Edgar scans your blog posts/long form content and creates different posts for each social channel. You can use its automation capabilities for optimal calendar scheduling.

User base: individuals/small business

Pricing: Starts at $29.99/month

2. Presentations 

Visme is best for repurposing text content into presentation-ready infographics and slide decks. You can customize templates from a large library with a similar UX as commonly used design tools (inDesign, Canva, etc.).

Notable Customers: IBM, Golden State Warriors, Duke Energy

Price: $24.75/month for Small Business Plan

3. Video

SEMrush - Instant Video Creator

Semrush’s Instant Video Creator allows marketers to convert blog posts into videos in seconds. All you need to do is provide a URL to the post. The app features easy templates for the most common repurposed formats such as blog teaser posts, FAQs, and Customer Reviews. Other highly rated features include automated captioning and translation into 20+ languages.

User Base: Small Business/Agencies

Price: $24/month 

Vidyo helps you convert long form video into short clips optimized for every social media channel. Teams can customize their own brand kits, choose from hundreds of templates, and automatically add captions and teaser text with AI. Users particularly love the Virality score feature, which always teams to recommend edits and predict how content will resonate.

User Base: Podcasters, Creators and Marketers

Pricing: $360/year for full ai content repurposing suite


Munch is best for repurposing long from video content into shorter clips for all social media channels. While you can cut and format your video however you want, Munch also automatically suggests clips based on your SEO goals - all you have to do is drop in a Youtube URL or upload a video in any common format.

Notable Customers: Imagen, Anaconda, Perion, TubeBuddy

Pricing: Starts at $49/month


Easily turn blog posts or video recordings into clips for every channel. Lumen5 is known for its comprehensive libraries - not just including templates, but also stock images, video footage, music and more. The drag and drop interface is simpler than creating a PowerPoint.

Notable Customers: Siemens, Salesforce, PWC, Merck, SAP, Mitsubishi, Cisco, KPMG

Pricing: $149/month for Professional Suite 

2short allows creates short clips from the most engaging parts of your long form video. It stands out for some AI features like facial tracking to keep your main subject focused on the screen, automated resizing for any platform, and brand presets.

Price: $20/month for Pro


Wavve can repurpose any audio type (podcast, talk, audiobook) into short video clips for social media. It’s loved by podcasters, musicians, and radio hosts due to its easy drag & drop interface, automated transcription and captions, and animations.

Notable Customers: Philips, Red Bull, SAP, npr Twilio

Pricing: $15.99/month 

4. Audio/Podcast

Adobe Audition

Audition is best for professional-grade audio editing. You can input blog posts/long form text to create informative podcasts. Like all Adobe Creative Cloud products, Audition has comprehensive user tutorials to help you ramp up.

Price: $22.99/month as a Single App, $37.99/month for all Creative Cloud Business license

User Base: Professionals and Enterprise

5. Omnichannel


While ChatGPT isn’t a dedicated content repurposing tool, with specific instructions you can prompt it to help you repurpose any type of content across any channel. In this example, we’ve prompted ChatGPT to generate Linkedin social posts about our seed raise announcement. Some tips that tend to work well from prompting include telling ChatGPT to follow a persona (Head of Marketing) and being as specific as possible about what you want the generated outputs to focus on.

With OpenAI’s new offering that allows you to train custom GPTs, you can also program a marketing GPT specific to your company’s brand and style so you don’t have to start from scratch every time you want to repurpose.

Pricing: $25/month for Teams

Repurpose allows you to upload content directly from anywhere (Social Media sites, Zoom, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.) and translate it into any format. Influencers, Content Creators, and Digital Marketers love their automations which allow Repurpose to automatically post variations of an initial piece of content (ie: a blog post) across multiple channels every time you publish.

Notable Customers: Doc Williams, Fire Nation, Todd Collins, Craig Ballantyne, Arimeisel

Pricing: $20.75/month for Content Marketer, $104.08/month for Agency


Canva’s “Magic Switch” tool helps you automatically reformat your designs for multiple channels. Canva also has a “Brand Kit” feature which lets you set up your brand’s fonts, colors and logos so that all repurposed content looks unified.

Notable Customers: Skyscanner, Moneytree

Price: $120/year for one person


Automata has 150+ input/output combinations for content repurposing. Content Marketers love its autopilot feature, which automatically repurposes any content you publish for every channel. You can also set a writing style for each channel and upload all your existing content into its AI-enabled knowledge base. You can use semantic search to easily find old content to repurpose based on a topic.

User Base: Enterprise Marketers, Executive Coaches, and Content Creators

Price: $32/month

About Tofu:

Tofu’s Repurposing feature allows B2B Marketers to take an existing piece of content in any form (Blog Post, Landing Page, Video Transcript, PDFs, Email, Social) and transform it into their content type of choice. We leverage your brand guidelines and segmentation (personas, industries, accounts, keywords) to build a custom AI-knowledge graph for your company and help you create unlimited variations of on-brand content. As you run more campaigns through Tofu, we utilize analytics to create a feedback loop that optimizes campaign performance and increases conversion on each channel.

As an example, we recently repurposed every AMA Webinar we’ve hosted with a Revenue Leader into blog posts on our website. Each took just a few minutes to generate and publish with Tofu’s Repurposing product.


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