A Step by Step Guide to Content Repurposing

In our first installment of this series, we established how content repurposing can be pivotal for B2B Go-To-Market teams. In this second piece, we delve into constructing a successful repurposing campaign with some real world examples. Good repurposing isn’t just about reformatting the same information - it’s a creative process of rejuvenating content to align with diverse marketing channels and audience needs.

Key Steps for Effective Content Repurposing

1. Identify High Value Content: Imagine you’re the CEO of Cloud Solutions, a cloud computing company. The first step involves auditing your existing content to identify high-performing pieces that have resonated well with your audience or possess long term relevance. For instance, a whitepaper called “The Future of Cloud Computing” might be a prime candidate for repurposing.

2. Understand Your Audience Segments Across Channels: Different channels cater to different audience segments. For Cloud Solutions, your Linkedin audience prefers technical insights, Instagram followers enjoy visual summaries, and YouTube viewers seek in-depth videos.

3. Deciding on Repurposing Formats: Choose the appropriate format for each audience. Consider transforming blog posts into infographics for easy social media sharing, podcast episodes into readable blog articles, or written guides into engaging video content. For Cloud Solutions, you could repurpose the whitepaper into a series of infographics for Instagram, detailed blog posts for Linkedin, and an explanatory video series for YouTube.

4. Tailor Content for Different Buyer’s Journey Stages: Adapt your content to cater to various stages of the buyer’s journey. Cloud Solutions can create blogs about key trends in cloud computing for Awareness, e-books about selecting the right vendor in Consideration, and 

5. Update and Refresh Content: Keep your content current by updating statistics, trends, and examples.

6. Measure and Analyze Performance: Track the performance of repurposed content to glean insights for future strategies.

Case Studies - Cisco and Slack

Cisco: Repurposing Technical Case Studies into Engaging Narratives

Cisco’s approach to repurposing technical case studies into more engaging and digestible formats is a masterclass in content strategy. They selected case studies that demonstrated both technological prowess and human impact. 

An example is their case study with the NFL. They hosted a fireside chat with the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and then repurposed the video recording for those who couldn’t attend live. They also simplified complex technical data and highlights from the video into simple infographics, a more accessible and shareable medium for social media and digital platforms. Lastly, they highlighted the top quotes from the video in the blog post to narrate the customer journey. The blog was designed to be more reader friendly and removed any original technical jargon.

Repurposing reinforced Cisco’s image not just as a technology provider, but as a partner in client success, deepening customer trust and brand loyalty. 

Slack: From Informative Blog Posts to Fun Podcast Series

Slack leveraged popular blog posts that dealt with themes around workplace culture, innovation, and communication as inspiration for their ‘Work in Progress’ podcast series. The episodes included conversations with experts, thought leaders, and even Slack employees, providing diverse perspectives on topics. By venturing into podcasting, Slack reached an audience preferring audio content, enhancing its reputation as a workplace innovation thought leader.

Mastering Content Repurposing

The examples of Cisco and Slack underscore the essence of content repurposing: It’s not just about format alteration, but about creatively presenting core messages to resonate with varied audiences. Effective content repurposing should enhance your brand’s loyalty, reach and engagement.


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