Overcoming Content Stagnation: Revolutionizing B2B Content Strategy with AI

Keeping content libraries fresh and engaging in B2B marketing is a necessity. The challenge, however, lies in the constant demand for new material and the limited resources at most marketing teams' disposal. That's why more and more teams are starting to turn to generative AI tools as a solution that not only breathes new life into existing assets but also revolutionizes the content repurposing process at scale.

Transforming Libraries with Generative AI

One of the primary reasons generative AI is so well suited to help marketing teams combat content stagnation, is its ability to transform old, pre-existing content. A prime example of its impact can be seen with Avanan, a cybersecurity firm that struggled with the consistent generation of relevant content. By recently integrating generative AI tools into their content strategy, Avanan managed to leverage its extensive repository of past content to create fresh, new assets. The result has been a dramatic increase in email open rates, from a modest 17.3% to an impressive 54.8%.

Strategic Recommendations for Keeping Content Fresh

The positive effects of content repurposing and its resulting relevant content are clear. Here are some ways you can keep your own content fresh and engaging:

1. Audit Existing Assets: Start by taking stock of your current content assets. Even those that might seem outdated can be transformed into fresh, relevant pieces.

2. Leverage AI for Efficiency: Certain generative ai tools can ingest existing materials and repurpose them into a variety of formats, tailored for different channels and campaigns, significantly cutting down on content generation time.

3. Personalize at Scale: Use AI to create personalized experiences. From emails to landing pages, customizing content for specific audiences increases engagement and conversion rates.

4. Foster Continuous Innovation: Lastly, stay open to the evolving landscape of generative AI and its applications in marketing. Staying on top of technological advances ensures that your content strategy remains on the cutting edge.

With the strategic application of generative AI technologies, B2B marketers can not only refresh their existing content libraries but also scale their content creation efforts efficiently. Embracing these tools is a strategic imperative for staying relevant and engaged with your audience and preventing against content stagnation.


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